Business Contracts

Contract Review, Drafting & Negotiation

Not every contract requires attorney review. However, when it comes to an agreement that is material to your business, it would be fool hardy to not have legal counsel review the agreement to ensure that you not only understand the financial terms of your deal, but also the risks and obligations associated with the arrangement.

Business owners are often quite optimistic and rarely contemplate the scenarios that may cause the fantastic deal that was negotiated to go sideways and implode in their face. As your attorney, we are there to not just ensure that the deal that you have struck is properly reflected in your agreement, but to also contemplate the risks of default, non-performance and other failures that if not addressed up front could result in a financial quagmire that only a trip to the local courthouse would be able to extract you from.

Before signing up that deal, bring us in to review the documentation, identify areas of financial or operational risk, prepare revised wording and negotiate more favorable terms on your behalf. Or better yet, let us prepare the document from the start, as it is quite often the one that prepares the initial draft that dictates the tenor of the contract.

Don’t go it alone. Contact us before you sign that document to ensure that your interests are properly protected: (678) 597-8755.