Business Formation

Corporation, Limited Liability Company & Partnership

As a business owner, your main priority is operating your business profitably. What is often overlooked is the importance that having the right legal structure plays on your bottom line and overall risk exposure. Consider your business structure as the foundation on which all else rises or falls.

Setting up your business the right way from the start will involve foresight and planning regarding legal matters such as the type of entity you will use, be it a corporation, limited liability company, S corporation, limited or general partnership or (god forbid!) sole proprietorship. The decision about what legal form your business should take has implications on your level of personal liability for the obligations of your business and the tax treatment of your business profits and losses.

Having your organizational documents, such as your articles of incorporation, partnership agreement, operating agreement, voting and shareholder agreement, buy-sell agreement and by laws, drafted by an attorney knowledgeable about the law as it relates to the various legal structures will help avoid shareholder and partner disputes and unexpected personal liability exposure down the road.

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