Trusts & Estates

Trusts, Wills & Health Care Directives

Although it is not a particularly happy topic, we must all have to come to terms with our mortality and face end of life decisions. As part of the realization that death is an eventuality, it is important to think about your loved ones and to try to put things in place that will make it easier for them to deal with your passing when the time comes.

One important step that you can take to make things easier on you and your loved ones is to put in place an estate plan. Your plan should include a last will and testament or trust, a health care directive and a durable power of attorney.

Your durable power of attorney will enable your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Your health care directive will give guidance to your loved ones and enable them to make health care decisions on your behalf if for any reason you are not able to do so yourself. Your last will and testament will determine how your belongings and assets will be distributed amongst your loved ones upon your death.

Each document is important in guiding your loved ones in making end of life decisions that are consistent with your wishes and should be included in your estate plan. We are available to sit down and consult with you regarding the preparation of these documents and will meet with you and your loved ones at your residence to conduct a formal document signing at the appropriate time. Just give us a call when you are ready: (678) 597-8755.